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Katherine W

Law School Attended

Trainee Solicitor | Hogan Lovells

Profile Highlights:

  • Low income family
  • First generation lawyer and to attend university
  • Self-funded LPC
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I am a first-seat trainee solicitor in the finance department at Hogan Lovells in the Birmingham office, having joined following completion of my law degree and LPC.
I am not only the first in my family to go to university, but the first to stay in education until 18 and the first to leave my home town. Due to family estrangement, I had to support myself through university and self-funded the LPC. In order to do this, I worked as a waitress from the age of 15 until the start of my training contract.

The hardest thing for me was learning how to juggle work, education, applications and my social life. As I had no family support, I often felt like I was facing an impossible and daunting task. I felt like I would have to change who I was to succeed, perhaps talk differently to hide my accent or lie about my background. I met a lawyer for the first time when I was at university and it was overwhelming. When I was looking for mentors or advice, I never felt that there was anyone ‘like me’. I never would have imagined I could one day be the person helping others.
Since starting my training contract, I have seen first-hand how embracing and welcoming the law profession can be. I have made it my focus to encourage those from different backgrounds to aim high and pursue a career in law.
I want to show people that no obstacle is too large; that the law profession welcomes diversity; and being yourself is already good enough.

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