I am a Senior Associate in the Dechert London Financial Services Group team whose practice focuses on all things derivatives, trading document and related regulatory. Someday soon I hope to become a Partner.

I started my career at another US law firm and with some time sandwiched in the middle at an international investment bank, spent all of my career until early 2018 in the same team. In Spring 2018 I joined Dechert where I am now very much part of the furniture.

I have become a Professional Ambassador because I believe that everyone who is willing to work hard and has a dream should be given a chance to succeed: whoever or whatever they are, and wherever they come from. Looking back to my ambitious young self whose strategy was really just to keep pumping the proverbial treadmill until I got what I wanted, having a platform like Aspiring Solicitors would have been very useful for me and I’m fortunate now to be in a position to help those around me. Notwithstanding my background I don’t think it was until I was on a summer vacation scheme at a magic circle law firm mid-way during university, did it hit me that I was a bit different. Still here to tell the tale though and today I’m proud to be a bit different, although I don’t actually feel very different at all!

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