I am a trainee associate commencing my training contract in February 2024, after I have completed the SQE. I graduated from The University of Manchester in 2021 with a non-law degree and completed the PGDL at BPP Law School in 2022.

My background is not one that you would typically associate with a future trainee at a ‘Magic Circle’ law firm. My parents moved to the UK from Pakistan. Neither of them went to university, let alone had a career in the city, and they were far from wealthy. Whilst I have never viewed these circumstances as disadvantages, instead appreciating that they are simply part of who I am, that does not mean that my journey to get to this point was easy. Rather, it was filled with challenges and setbacks, many of which my peers did not have to face. That is why I want to do whatever I can to support people like me with their own ambitions of securing a career in commercial law.

Diversity is extremely important. Not only is it morally wrong for factors such as race and religion to determine whether someone can reach their potential, but it is also the case that we learn so much from being surrounded by people who are different to us. This is why I am delighted to support the amazing work that is done by Aspiring Solicitors.

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