I completed the LLB at City, University of London in 2017 and followed on to complete the LPC LLM course at the Univerity of Law in 2018. I chose Immigration as my area of interest during the 2nd year of my degree and followed the path to qualifying as an OISC Immigration Adviser (an alternative path to qualifying wihtin Immigration). I have worked within the immigration field from 2014, along side my studies as well as maintaining a part-time retail role.

I completed the training period and Level 1 examination for the OISC qualification in December 2020 and joined Edwin Coe LLP as a Paralegal from April 2021. Following the introduction of the new SQE route to qualfying as a solicitor under the SRA, I completed the first ever SQE2 exams in April 2022 and due to receive my results this August 2022.

As somone who has worked within Immigration for many years, I have witnessed first hand the impact and importance of diversity within our society. I was very fortunate to be exposed to a diverse group of people within my network and throughout my career. These people have enabled me and shaped me into the person I am today and provided motivation where I thought there were goals beyond my reach. My parents arrived in the UK in 1992 as refugees from Afghanistan. Self doubt was a by product of coming from a migrant family however, I trust in setting your goals high and working towards each successful milestone as they come along.

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