After studying English Literature at Trinity College, Oxford, I worked in politics before converting to law.

Despite almost five years of honing my research skills, it took me an embarrassingly long time to find out which was the best route to qualification, what funding was available, and which firms I should approach. None of my family or friends were lawyers, and the often generic publicly available
information on firms’ websites and in the legal press was of far less use than the recruitment guides
suggested. I hope that as a mentor I can make this path slightly easier for anyone similarly baffled!

Having headed the LGBTQ+ society at Penningtons Manches LLP before joining PwC, where I am the GLEE (Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else) representative for Legal, I am also passionate about improving LGBTQ+ access to law, and am a proud trans* ally. I am volunteering to try to minimise the number of would-be solicitors who hesitate because of a feeling their “face will not fit”.

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