I’m a British-Indian female, born and raised in Kent.

I’m an AS Professional Ambassador to support its endeavours in increasing diversity in the legal profession. I aim to do so whilst championing my own personal diversity headlines, as an ethnic minority female who attended a non-Russell group university. This is important to me as I have experienced both the difficulties and the opportunities that exist for people from diverse backgrounds – be that based on sex, non-Russell group education, or race, culture, and religion.

I’m also happy to share the personal challenges that I have faced whilst navigating my way through the profession. To me, it’s a deeply individual journey which requires a lot of resilience and motivation. Having worked in a variety of legal teams, private practice, and public sector work prior to Bird & Bird, I’ve seen the benefits that greater diversity and inclusion bring – with greater diversity come new perspectives, increased innovation, a wider talent pool and, ultimately, increased profitability and better employee performance.

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