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My name is Vaibhav Adlakha. I am a future Trainee solicitor at Reed Smith beginning August 2016/February 2017. After finishing my schooling from The American School of The Hague, I completed my LL.B degrees from Warwick University and LPC from BPP Law School in the U.K. I also did the Advanced Masters (LL.M) in Air and Space Law from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

In the past, I have worked with the Netherlands Competition Authorities, Unilever, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, HiiL Innovating Justice, and Global Human Rights Defence. I believe that my work experience helped me understand how my disability may impact my performance in the work environment and prepared me for what is to come.

I was born in India with a disability called Cerebral Palsy due to which I have restricted mobility in my arms and legs and use a wheelchair. I quickly learnt about the mental and physical challenges I would have to face to even dare to dream let alone going about achieving those dreams. Not only would I have to convince others of my ability but also myself, since, doubts manifested themselves as to how far I could go. I soon realised the importance of having greater self-confidence and no fear to dispel preconceived notions as well as to create new ones.

While firms try to provide all necessary assistance during the recruitment process and profess to believe in equal opportunity, very few are able to make you feel that their judgment is based solely on examining your talent and potential as opposed to being influenced by the insecurities regarding your disability.

As a Professional Ambassador, I hope to play a role in helping others fulfil their aspirations and also give them hope that anything is possible if you don’t give up.

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