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I am undertaking a Level 7 “Trailblazer” Solicitor Apprenticeship, at the end of which I will be a qualified solicitor.

I am on track to quality in Summer 2024, having joined Kennedys in July 2017. I joined the Commercial Construction team in Sheffield, and have spent most of my time in that team – growing in experience and building a specialised skillset. I have also undertaken periods of work in Kennedys’ Manchester and London offices, in Commercial Litigation, Real Estate & Property Litigation and Global Product Safety & Liability.

The apprenticeship has opened up opportunities that I simply would not be able to access at such an early stage through a more traditional route, and allows people into the career who would not otherwise be able to afford to study law and become a solicitor. I am still not sure whether I would have been able to pursue this career via a traditional route, despite it being my dream since I was tiny!

An inclusive profession and an inclusive firm can mean all the difference – for employee experience, client output, and wellbeing generally. It leads to better decision making and happier, more supportive work environments. It also means that anyone, regardless of background, can access the profession they choose.

Having been in the firm for 6 years now, it is clear to me that most people don’t qualify via the “traditional route” – at least not as advertised! Everyone has a different path, and none is better than another. Do what makes you happy, and work hard, and you’re bound to end up where you want to be.

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