Born to ethnic Chinese parents in Malaysia, I moved to Singapore at fifteen on a scholarship and then to London for university. After many job rejections, I started out as an auditor in a graduate programme and eventually worked my way back into the legal profession. I also live with mental health difficulties. But, having only been diagnosed during my second year of university, I struggled with understanding and getting the help I needed up until the earliest years of my professional career.

I’m where I am today mainly due to the time and effort many have generously offered over the years; I can only hope to pay that forward an AS Professional Ambassador. I believe diversity drives not just a broader and more critical mind, but a more compassionate and empathetic community. To even the most cynical, there are indisputable commercial advantages to a solicitor with an international outlook, the ability to form meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues, and the capacity to think about any given problem with more breadth and depth.

I’m more than happy to provide AS members with as much help as they need, including answering questions about the firm, sharing more about the challenges I have faced, and mentoring where possible.

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