I am a Solicitor Apprentice at Kennedys. My entry into law was not via the the traditional route. I started at Kennedys in 2019 and completed a 2-year legal apprenticeship with BPP, gained a L4 Paralegal Qualification and have now progressed to the L7 Solicitor Apprenticeship.

I attended a state school and started my apprenticeship soon after completing my A-Levels and it was not until I was deciding what I wanted to do after my exams that I considered a career in law. I did not know anyone who was a lawyer so I never knew what a career in law could be like, neither did I have any prior legal knowledge.

I was always unsure about whether university was the best route for me so I started to research other ways I could get into Law and that is when I found Legal/Solicitor apprenticeships. Apprenticeships in Law are becoming more popular and are a great way to gain valuable experience and knowledge whilst obtaining your degree and qualification all in one without having to go to university. It was daunting when I first started as I was fresh out of school with no prior work experience and very limited knowledge of the law, however, I soon settled into my role and team. Whilst the job is not without its challenges, it is so rewarding to look back and realise how far you have come in this rewarding career.

I believe everyone has the opportunity to start a career in Law, no matter what your background is. As long you have the determination to succeed and are prepared to work hard, anything is possible. I am always willing to help those starting their career and I am available to provide help and advice to aspiring lawyers, where needed.

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