At the end of my degree, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyspraxia. Though this provided a sense of relief and equipped me with the knowledge of how I can manage these challenges, the diagnoses also made me question if pursuing Law was still an option for me as a neurodiverse applicant.

Not only was I struggling with figuring out where I could apply, but I also didn’t understand how I could use my diagnoses to my advantage and strategically apply to firms right for me. I spent many cycles of applications with no real strategy and with very little organisation. After 4 years of unsuccessful applications, I reached out to Aspiring Solicitors, who provided me with detailed advice on managing applications, researching, and choosing the right firm for me. Most significantly, I understood how to use my background, experiences, and diagnoses to my favour.

This entire process helped me accept who I was and view my experiences and abilities as assets. Fundamentally, it made me believe neurodiverse candidates are able to achieve just as much success. I’m now a Trainee Solicitor at Bird & Bird.

I hope to repay the kindness I received from so many others, so please do reach out to share and discuss your story.

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