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I am an Associate Solicitor in the Private Wealth department at BDB Pitmans LLP, drafting Wills and trust documents, administering estates, preparing powers of attorney, and advising on estate planning.

I studied English at Bristol University and spent a long time agonising over careers. Some work experience at a local law firm in my final year showed me how interesting and challenging law could be.  I studied the Law Conversion Course and LPC, while trying to obtain as much formal and informal work experience in the holidays as possible.

I attended two vacation schemes and found these the best way to impress potential employers, as I am rather shy and self-effacing in interviews. Demonstrating your ability and enthusiasm in a working environment shows whether you are the sort of candidate a firm wants to take on.

I obtained a training contract at BDB Pitmans for two years ahead, and this was deferred for an additional year due to the recession. After applying for over 200 paralegal positions to fill the gap, I worked for the NHS in an Estates Legal & Property team for eighteen months. This was not a conventional paralegal position, but provided valuable experience in property law from the client’s perspective.

During my training contract at BDB Pitmans, my seats were in Charities, Real Estate, Private Wealth and Litigation. I qualified into Private Wealth in September 2013.

Professional Ambassadors’ experiences show the different backgrounds of lawyers and their varying routes into law and will hopefully encourage aspiring students that they can be lawyers too. I know how difficult, time-consuming and dispiriting applying for training contracts and paralegal positions can be, but hard work and persistence will pay off. It is important to show your individuality, as recruiters remember people who are interesting and different!

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