Hi! My name is Yong Qing (or Q for short) and I am a trainee associate at Weil. I grew up in Singapore and moved to the UK to study Psychology at UCL. I developed an interest in a legal career after completing a research project into judicial sentencing during my psychology degree and started applying for legal work experiences. I completed a vacation scheme at Weil and was lucky to be awarded a training contract, which takes me to where I am now!

Diversity is really important in any workplace as it brings diversity in expertise and perspectives which encourages innovative and creative problem-solving. Diversity should come hand in hand with inclusivity, where individuals can freely exchange differing ideas and beliefs to promote greater understanding of all forms of diversity, helping to tackle unconscious biases that exist in society.

Coming from a non-law background, I understand that the journey to becoming a solicitor can be overwhelming, especially when you are not surrounded by like-minded individuals to guide you through the process. I also understand the stress that international students may face around visa sponsorship issue etc. Aspiring Solicitors were a great help during my application cycle, where my mentor provided 1-to-1 application advice and I was able to attend AS insight days at law firms to further my understanding on the role of a commercial solicitor. I would love to give back and provide guidance to AS members so please do not hesitate to reach out!

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