My name is Phoebe Munden and I am a trainee solicitor at Hill Dickinson. I joined Hill Dickinson in June 2021 as a Legal Administration Assistant, before being promoted to Paralegal. I was successful in obtaining a training contract through the internal application process, which I started in January 2023, alongside studying the SQE. I currently work in the Health Litigation team, dealing with claims brought against NHS Trusts.

When I got to university to study law, I found that I was missing the insider knowledge or important tools necessary to commence a legal career that my peers with parents or siblings in law had. I was the first person in my family to attend university, and I had been state school educated in an area where the percentage of participating in higher education is substantially below the national average, meaning I hadn’t had the same education on professional careers. The Aspiring Solicitors website and information events therefore became my guide to navigating university and a career in law.

I want to be an Aspiring Solicitors Professional Ambassador because I want to help remove obstacles to the legal profession and contribute to increasing social mobility. I can answer questions from aspiring solicitors about routes into law and can offer support and advice on training contract applications, particularly to those who are first-generation university students, or state-school educated.

I can also offer an insight into what it is like to work at Hill Dickinson and share my day-to-day responsibilities as both a Legal Assistant and Paralegal. I would also be really keen to talk to those with a specific interest in healthcare law and share my experiences of working on an NHS Resolution panel firm and on secondment to an NHS Trust.

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