Having spent my formative education years in a state school in a small MIdlands town, I knew that my chances to secure employment in the legal sector would be tough. The opportunities available to me following completion of the LPC were scarce. I therefore made the decision to move to London without employment. Having worked as a paralegal, I managed to secure a training contract with a London firm and qualified in 2003. With hard work and determination, I was promoted within 3 years as an Associate in a City law firm.

My Srilankan heritage and the challenges and racial hostility I faced growing up in the UK is what has given me the drive, motivation and passion to increase the opportunites for those from a diverse background within the legal profession.

The lack of information and the absence of role models were instrumental factors in making my journey to become a solicitor an upward struggle. The legal profession did not represent people from my community and the desire from my family to secure employment in a more ‘reliable’ sector, namley healthcare was overwhelming. It is important to face those fears to facilitate change. Having access to mentors and supporters would have been invaluable.

I would happy to share my experiences, provide guidance, advice and support with any members so please do get in touch.

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