I first considered the idea of becoming a lawyer when I was 15. I didn’t personally know any lawyers or have any idea what the route was to achieve my aspirations, but I stuck with it and will qualify in August 2023. I studied law, graduating from the University of Nottingham, and accepted my training contract with Bird & Bird in the same year after completing a Vacation Scheme with the firm.

I was the first generation in both my immediate and wider family to go to university, and I went to a state-school that had little to no support when it came to career advice or opportunities. At university, I often found myself feeling on the back-foot in comparison to others who had insights into the legal sphere and still now suffer with a great deal of ‘imposter syndrome’.

I think it’s unbelievably important that organisations like Aspiring Solicitors are available to give those who do not fit the typical ‘City Lawyer’ stereotype opportunities to succeed and reach their goals. The legal profession as a whole benefits greatly from having more diversity and I hope to be part of the change which encourages a more diverse future for the profession. I hope to inspire future solicitors and ensure they know that no matter what their background, there are people available to help overcome obstacles and support them in their legal journey.

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