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Being stuck at home during the pandemic the summer before university, I found myself looking through online resources and events to find out more about a career in law. This was especially daunting for me as an international student with no background or family members from law. Additionally, being from a mixed background, I was not sure whether anyone from my background would be working in this area, and how well I would integrate into the work culture. This was until I came across Aspiring Solicitors and other diversity organisations, which truly which opened the door to commercial law for me. I was able to connect with mentors with a similar background to mine, attend events, and participate in competitions. This support gave me the confidence to pursue my career, and eventually obtain two vacation schemes, one of which was Simmons & Simmons, where I accepted my training contract offer. I am currently studying for the SQE exams at BPP University.

Based on my personal journey, I have come to appreciate the profound impact that diversity and inclusion can have on individuals and their career journeys, as well as creating a work environment where everyone can thrive and be themselves. I hope to contribute to this through my mentorship, and pay forward the support and encouragement that was provided to me.

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