I graduated from Queens University Belfast in the summer of 2021 and began working at Pinsent Masons Belfast as a paralegal on a one year contract. During this year I operated within the Projects department, assisting both the Energy and Construction teams. Working across two different sectors was great as the work was widely varied. I secured the September 2022 Training Contract in December 2021. Two months have passed since I began my Training Contract. I have been working within the Banking department and have found the work to be very interesting.

Diversty is hugely impotant to me. I believe that it should go without saying that everyone should be treated equally and have the same opportunities irregardless of Gender, Race, Age etc. Not only is diversity necessary for equallity, it also improves a company as a whole (the business case for diversity). If a company has a wide variety of staff then it is better able to service clients as its straff will be more understanding of different circumstances.

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