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I am a Future Trainee Solicitor at Reed Smith (starting in 2022). I graduated from the University of Birmingham in LLB International Law & Globalisation, and received my training contract offer at the end of my final year. Subsequently, I pursued a Masters in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford.

As an international student, securing a training contract (or any graduate position) in London can seem unattainable because of the competition. However, it is because of this that I believe unique and diverse candidates can stand out if they are given the opportunity. AS provided the access and information that was required for me and many other students to get a foot in the door of law firms that share similar values when it comes to diversity and inclusion. I have significantly benefitted from the support that AS has given me through attending their law firm open days, virtual law fairs, and skill sessions when they visited my campus. The message was always loud and clear – it is possible, and as long as you put the work in, who you are should not limit your chances. Who you are should be celebrated.

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