BPP university alumni


I wanted to practice law after undertaking work experience at courts in London. At university, I realised the reality of how competitive it was to gain a training contract, and it was daunting to think I would have to stand out amongst such a large, but talented group of people. I attended multiple networking sessions run by Aspiring Solicitors and also made an effort to try meet trainees from a variety of law firms wherever possible. Attending a lot of these open evenings helped me gain a better understanding of what law firms were seeking in candidates.

I also carried out work experience at Barclays via Aspiring Solicitors, which gave me a great insight into life as an in-house lawyer. This inspired me to look into training as an in-house lawyer and consequently I found BT’s training contract. BT appealed to me for a variety of reasons some of which being its small intake and the opportunity to not only work alongside members of the legal team but also from other areas of the company. I completed a secondment whilst at BT to Bird & Bird and now work as a privacy counsel within the luxury retail industry.

Aspiring Solicitors has helped me over the course of applying for a training contract and I would love to help others in any way possible as well. Diversity is key to creating a better legal industry especially one that is rooted in a variety of experiences.

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