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I graduated from King’s College, London and studied the GDL and MA (LPC with Business) at BPP. My training contract commenced at Reed Smith in August 2017.

I was introduced to Reed Smith in 2014, when I attended a number of their events. Their passion for increasing diversity, particularly concerning disability, really impressed me; and when I let their graduate recruitment know about Great with Disability and My Plus Consulting, initiatives I’m part of, they signed up within a month.

Aspiring Solicitors assisted me throughout my search for a training contract by organising a number of very helpful networking events at top law firms and in-house legal departments, where I was able to speak to a variety of lawyers across hierarchies, from future trainees to partners. Now I’m thrilled to be able to give something back as a Professional Ambassador, by helping those in the same position.

As someone diagnosed young with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, with symptoms of Dyspraxia, I consider it an integral part of my identity and Reed Smith were the firm I felt best understood and respected this. I did not need physical adjustments throughout the process, but the freedom to discuss my work around autism and my personal perspective allowed me to shine at interview, receiving the highest score.

The same went for my work with charities for state-educated/disadvantaged applicants, such as Access Professions and Pure Potential, and my sexuality – I never felt I had to hide any part of my identity. I strongly believe that people work best when they can be themselves, and was delighted to accept the training contract when offered.

In addition, I am a non-law graduate (I studied English) and a first-generation lawyer. I’m also very passionate about gender equality and have attended events such as Women in Law and Women in the City, often as one of the only men there; I believe women’s achievements benefit all, and that men need to be part of the solution. I’m also a member of the Elimination of Domestic Violence Youth Council – which Aspiring Solicitors notified me of.

Please get in touch if you need assistance/guidance on any of these issues, in particular disability, LGBT and social mobility.

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