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Hannah P

Law School Attended

Associate | Allen & Overy

Profile Highlights:

  • State school educated
  • First generation lawyer
  • Non-law degree
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I went to a state school and then to the University of Cambridge to study languages. I’d always thought law sounded interesting but I had no family or friends in the legal profession and didn’t know where to start in getting relevant experience.

I spent two years working in London after university, and during this time gradually found out more about the legal profession and decided to go for it! I gave up my job and signed up to do the GDL. I was worried that my lack of legal experience and the fact that I had done something else between university and the GDL would stop me from getting a training contract, and didn’t know how best to approach the application process.

I found out about Aspiring Solicitors and started attending events, contacting Professional Ambassadors and getting invaluable advice and support with my applications. The more I spoke to people working at different firms, the more I realised that there is not one ‘type’ of person that firms are looking for – people had such a range of skills and experiences from different backgrounds. This helped me to use my non-legal experience to show I had the skills that firms were looking for, and gave me the confidence to apply to firms where I’d previously thought I didn’t stand a chance.

I got my training contract offer halfway through the GDL, and started in March 2017. I’ve already met and worked with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and it has been great to see how genuinely important diversity is to the firm.

I understand how tough the application process can be, especially if you don’t really know anyone in the legal profession, so am very happy to give advice.

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