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I recently graduated from UCL with a degree in Planning and Real Estate and after completing a spring vacation scheme with Reed Smith, will be starting my training contract with them in 2023. My next step is completing the PGDL at BPP. I had my first application cycle at the beginning of my second year, all of which ended with rejections so I then started looking into things that could increase my chance of success the next time I applied.

I was quickly attracted to AS and its dedication to increasing the diversity of the legal profession. I’ve benefitted from countless AS opportunities such as AS Elevate, AS Aspire 2020 and later was a finalist in the Commercial Awareness Competition 2020/21 (if you’re reading this and on the fence about applying, so was I! But I’d encourage you to go for it and see what happens, there’s genuinely nothing to lose.) These opportunities allowed me to not only network with a wide range of firms but also helped me build the confidence I had in myself which played an invaluable part in me securing six vacation scheme offers and later, my training contract.

As everyone knows, pursuing a career in law is difficult but one of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is to make sure the firms you’re applying to, value and appreciate not only what you can do but also who you are. Being a young black woman I’ve always sought out spaces that celebrate and encourage diversity and representation so I’m really excited to join AS in helping those pursuing a legal career, find the right firms for them as it has done for me!

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