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I recently graduated from the University of Oxford with an undergraduate degree in Music, and will begin my training contract at Simmons & Simmons in September 2026 after completing the PGDL and SQE at BPP University.

At university, Aspiring Solicitors helped me hugely in providing a framework to guide my research into the law, offering mock interviews, and ultimately highlighting my ‘unknown unknowns’ about beginning a career in commercial law. The Black Aspiring Solicitors mentorship scheme with Stephenson Harwood gave me valuable industry insights that were unavailable elsewhere, as I organised regular catch-up’s with an associate at the firm. I built commercial awareness by preparing a topical presentation for each meeting, whilst also learning about my mentors role and practice area.

Alongside these mentorship sessions, attending open days, workshops, and a Diversity Fellowship at a US law firm, I have made use of a countless number of opportunities and resources which have directed my professional development. I currently work at an organisation which provides interview and application coaching to commercial law candidates, so I have seen first hand how even a 30 minute call to sound out ideas can boost your confidence, giving you more clarity and reassurance in your applications.

Pursuing a career in law is difficult, let alone with the added stress and barriers that come with holding an intersectional background. Please feel free to get in touch with me, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about the legal industry in general or the application process.

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