It was important for me to get involved in this programme, as I often felt during university that my socio-economic background presented obstacles to both my academic studies and the pursuit of my career. However, it was organisations like Aspiring Solicitors that helped me to overcome these obstacles and obtain a training contract at a large commercial firm.

Coming from a low-income background made me feel like I was constantly at a disadvantage to others around me. At university, this wasn’t just about not being able to afford technology or interview clothing. It could be smaller things like being the only person in the room whose parents couldn’t proofread their essays, or get them work experience at a local firm, or advise them on how to network.

When you don’t grow up around a commercial environment, it can mean that you feel overwhelmed when it comes to entry, especially during the application process. This sometimes made me feel like I didn’t belong in the legal industry, or that I wouldn’t stand a chance against competitors. Programmes like AS made me realise that I did belong, I just needed equal access to resources and advice, as well as the opportunity to speak to people that I could relate to.

In the same way that AS gave me this confidence in myself (and helped me get to where I am today), I would love to help others like this. I’m happy to answer any questions, big or small, and provide support however I can.

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