My Law Firm


I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and studied there till I was 17 years old. I was always interested in law, but I didn’t get to decide my career path at that stage. My father decided being an engineer was for me.

I studied Petroleum Engineering at London South Bank University as an undergraduate, and at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh for my Masters. It was challenging, but more than anything it thought me that I could succeed in anything – all that is required is hard work and a dedication to a defined goal. My goal was to quit engineering soon as possible and pursue what I wanted to do in life.

Since graduating, I enjoyed a lot of exhilarating life experiences and careers that led me back to law. I was married when I made the decision to pursue a legal career, and my wife’s support was integral through the process. It was tough. Self-funding the GDL and applying for training contracts while trying to get the best possible grade. But again, hard work and dedication.

I initially was tentative about applying to Farrer, because of the reputation of the “Farrer lawyer”, which I thought I clearly wasn’t. But I did, and from my first interview till this moment in my first seat in Financial Services with a 6-month-old son, I have been embraced. I am a Farrer lawyer. We can all be Farrer lawyers. It’s hard work and dedication.

Through each challenge and life experience, I utilized my diverse background and was keen to learn from the background of others. The appreciation of diversity improved me as a person, as it did the companies and people I worked with.

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