“As a Pakistani immigrant, I witnessed my parents make tremendous sacrifices to ensure that my siblings and I could receive the best education possible. Their unwavering dedication paid off, as I became the first in my family to attend university and the first solicitor in my extended family. It was not the “traditional” route— I had no legal connections or prior knowledge of the legal field, and only discovered that a career outside of the lab was possible after completing my undergraduate degree in a STEM subject.

Fortunately, I was awarded the STEM Future Lawyers scholarship which enabled me to pursue the GDL. Additionally, I was accepted into the Aspire programme, which proved to be an invaluable resource that eventually led me to a bespoke STEM mentoring scheme with Bristows. This opportunity allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the firm, which I then utilised in my applications and interviews— leading to my eventual acceptance into the TC at Bristows. All in all, Aspiring Solicitors have been a tremendous help in guiding me through the challenging process of becoming a solicitor.”