“Aspiring Solicitors played an instrumental part in my law firm application success. The Commercial Awareness Competition (CAC) gave me a competitive edge when applying to firms in my third cycle (first two I received no offers). It taught me how to perceive commercial events through a legal perspective. I was then able to apply this skillset in interviews to highlight how business trends directly affect law firms and their clients. The CAC developed my group exercise skills in a way that was tailored for law firm assessment centres. It did this through improving my ability to analyse a dense amount of material in a short period of time and then deliver a presentation on it within a team environment.

The Aspiring Solicitors Virtual Diversity Law Fairs were great opportunities for networking with firms and for gaining exclusive insights. It was through these that I learnt how to tailor applications in a way that encompassed firms’ strengths and how it linked to my experiences.

Overall, the Aspiring Solicitors’ network and its events are nothing short of game-changing for those applying to commercial law firms.”