Bernetta Begyinah

“I am from a single parent family and my mother has worked very hard to instil the confidence and belief in me that it was possible to have a professional career. I had no connections or contacts within the legal industry, so I used the AS events to talk to firms and learn more about a profession which was so removed from my working-class background.

At HeadStart, I learned how to strategically stand out as a good candidate and perform well at assessment centres. This advice fundamentally changed my approach to the recruitment process and gave me a chance to be successful within such a competitive field. Diversity is important to me, especially within the legal sector, as legal professionals are instructed or work on behalf of the general public and should subsequently reflect the diversity which exists today in society.

It truly saddens me when talented and intelligent people are unable to reach their full potential simply because of barriers such as access, affordability or lack of confidence. AS works to ensure there is a level playing field for people of all backgrounds by removing these barriers, which can enable the legal profession to truly reflect the society which it serves.”

Bernetta Begyinah, Future Trainee Solicitor at TLT


“TLT believes our employees are our greatest asset so we work to create an environment where every individual has the same opportunity to succeed based on merit, regardless of background.

We promote this by ensuring every individual is treated with dignity and respect, which includes celebrating differences, as well as challenging behaviour at odds with this.

With this approach, we inherently value diversity and actively seek to promote it at all levels of the organisation. In doing so, we boost creativity and optimise innovation but ultimately, ensure our employees are empowered to reach their full potential.”

Lucy Norman-Wells, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at TLT