Ese Overo-Tarimo

“As a black woman from various countries, I value diversity. To me, it signifies inclusion and opportunity regardless of who you are. It also means having different influential voices at decision tables to accurately convey viewpoints, navigate conversations and implement changes that last. Ultimately, diversity is important to me, because it allows people to belong and nurtures a more understanding environment.

I studied non-law subjects at university (undergraduate and Master’s). Following this, I completed my professional law exams (Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course), before joining Mayer Brown as a trainee solicitor in March 2019. I am particularly grateful for my diverse academic background, because it has equipped me with innovative perspectives and given me unique transferable skills that are beneficial in the legal profession.

Aspiring Solicitors (AS) was fundamental during my journey to obtaining a training contract. For example, during the application process, AS organised law networking events for prospective applicants. This helped me to research and understand law firms better. After successfully securing final round assessment centres, AS offered mock interviews and invited me to HeadStart sessions, which assisted me with preparation for my vacation schemes. AS connected me with other individuals who were also applying to law firms and this provided a support system and helped me to establish contacts within the legal profession.”

Ese Overo-Tarimo, Trainee Solicitor at Mayer Brown


“We believe our ability to remain a world-class, international law firm depends on how well we attract and retain the best talent. To achieve our goal, we focus on building an ever-more diverse and inclusive work environment. We recruit, develop and promote the highest calibre lawyers and staff, and are committed to providing them with opportunities to realise their potential regardless of background. Inclusion begins with opportunity and we continually seek innovative and effective ways to increase the number of diverse students that we attract and recruit. By engaging schools, colleges and universities directly, and by collaborating with organisations focused on widening access to the profession, Mayer Brown offers programmes that enable students to kick-start their career, whatever their background or circumstance.”

Danielle White, Graduate Recruitment Manager at Mayer Brown