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Warwick Congress 2017


We are delighted to announce that Warwick Congress 2017 tickets are on sale NOW!

Be sure to attend one of the fastest growing student conferences in the EU! When ever have the disciplines of Finance, Economics, Law and Politics been linked together? Warwick Congress provides students a holistic overview of issues surrounding the world today, including the future of the EU, Technology and the Environment.

World class speakers including Sir Vince Cable, Diana Wallis (Former Vice President European Parliament), Simon Levine (Global Co-CEO DLA Piper), Tony Cocker (E.ON UK CEO) are just a few of the 12 world class speakers.

What’s more? Apply to their (inclusive) Exclusive Networking Event which will host leading financial and law firms including: BMO Global Asset Management and DLA Piper. Be sure to see how you can apply your theoretical knowledge on a practical platform. Apply to the ENE at:

As speaker and sponsor confirmations go up, ticket availability goes down. Grab your tickets while you still can!

Purchase your tickets at:  /react-text

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