Virtual Diversity Law Fairs 2020

  • Date:September-November 2021

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Aspiring Solicitors will deliver the unique virtual diversity law fair, giving diverse candidates from around the UK the opportunity to speak to the UK’s leading law firms who are committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession.

The Virtual Diversity Law Fair Series runs throughout September-November 2021 and will be attended by lawyers, graduate recruitment teams, in-house legal teams and trainees.  Each event is coordinated in a way that ensures a controlled flow of attendees to law firms, to maximise the quality of the experience for all participants.

If you’re a successful applicant, you will be:

  • Invited to a coaching session in advance of the fair
  • Able to select the firms you want to speak to in advance
  • Placed in small groups to have meaningful conversations with firms
  • Able to apply for unique mentoring schemes and legal work placement opportunities in 2021

As part of the coaching session, you will be able to create a strategy for maximising your time at the fair, using technology to your advantage and how to obtain information that gives your vacation scheme application the edge.

How it works

Law firms are based in virtual breakout rooms, where they will speak to small groups of candidates throughout the virtual law fair.

Applicants submit preferences in advance which allows Aspiring Solicitors to align attendees with their preferred law firms.

This ensures consistently high-quality interactions between firms and attendees and as well as a basis for follow up opportunities between firms and attendees.

If you’re a law firm interested in participating in the first ever virtual diversity law fair, please contact

Who can apply?

  • You must be an Aspiring Solicitors member from one of our four underrepresented groups;
  • You must want to pursue a career as a commercial lawyer in the UK;
  • You must not have accepted a training contract with any law firm or legal team;
  • You must have received ABB at A-level or equivalent (but if you had mitigating circumstances which impacted these results, we will of course consider these); and
  • You must have received or be on target for at least a 2.1 degree classification (again, mitigating circumstances are genuinely and seriously considered).


Places will be allocated on a rolling monthly basis.  Apply today to avoid disappointment.

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