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Unsuccessful in securing a training contract? BARBRI International can help!

The latest figures show that on the whole, training contract places were down again this year, and the future outlook remains uncertain. As more firms outsource their business processes to service centres in Scotland, Northern Ireland and even further afield, there is less of the type of work that trainees usually undertake available. Not only that, but recent studies indicate clients are less willing than they were to pay for trainees, meaning trainees are increasingly almost exclusively an overhead for law firms. So what can be done to ensure you are successful next time round, in an ever-shrinking market place?

The New York Bar attorney at law qualification may hold some of the answers. There are over 100 full service U.S. law firms now based in London, servicing both UK and international clients. The New York Bar is a highly prized asset at these firms, not least because you can immediately be billed out as a qualified attorney at law, rather than just a UK trainee solicitor. At the end of the day, law firms are a business like any other, and the bottom line is their major driving force in decision making, which includes how they recruit. You need to learn to speak their language if you want to sit at the table.

BARBRI has been training law graduates and practitioners to successfully pass the New York Bar exams for over 45 years now. Our last class boasted a 70% pass rate – that’s double your chances of passing the exams first time round versus independent study (at just 35%).

Our course starts on October 10th for the February 2015 exams (24th and 25th). Classes take place in King’s College London on Friday evenings from 5-9 and all day Saturday, meaning you can still juggle a full or part time job, and the vast majority of our students do – in fact many are already trainees or NQs at big city law firms looking to advance their careers, so you’ll be making friends with people in the positions you aspire to. Learning is done through live video link, so if you’re based elsewhere and can’t make it to London at the weekends, don’t worry, everything is available to you online.

Best of all, if you’ve already invested significantly in a law degree and the LPC, our course only costs £5,000 so it won’t break the bank, and this can be paid in instalments.

The New York Bar sets you apart from your peers when you go for training contract interviews, particularly now while it’s still a rare commodity in the U.K. It shows you are committed to a career in commercial, international law, and are thinking globally. It proves you are hardworking, intelligent and can multi-task. It displays flexibility and a willingness to think outside the box. And most importantly, it’s an international qualification, so if you are still struggling to secure a training contract next year, you can use it to practice almost anywhere else in the world that deals with U.S. law – which let’s face it, is everywhere nowadays. Our alumni are working as lawyers in continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, not to mention all over the U.K. and Ireland. Time and time again they have come back to tell us that it was the New York Bar qualification that helped them land their dream legal role.

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking the New York Bar exams in February 2015, come and talk to us immediately as the course starts in just two weeks. You can contact our BARBRI Aspiring Solicitor Professional Ambassador by clicking here.  Mairead will be able to answer all your questions and set up a meeting for you with one of our senior course directors, to go through your career aspirations and how the New York Bar can help you achieve these in much greater detail.