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University of Bristol holds on to first place heading into Round 3

After two challenging online rounds, Bristol retains top spot in CAC 2018, with 23 competitors safely into Round 3.

Consistently strong performances from London duo KCL and QMUL see them rise slightly to 2nd and 3rd place, with near neighbour UCL breaking into the Top 5 for the first time. Star performer of the round the University of York records a 70% progression rate for the number of its students still in the Competition.

The University of Sussex and UEA couldn’t quite match York’s numbers, but posted formidable results on behalf of the Non-Russell Group with 60% progression rates respectively.

Durham University has some work to do to re-establish itself amongst the leading pack, falling 8 places to 10th.  Notable mention to Swansea University in its debut year as it breaks into the Top 20 for the first time.

Overall, over 70 universities are still represented in this year’s Competition. The 600 remaining competitors have one more online round to face before physical Quarter Finals at multiple UK locations in November.

Good luck to all still on course for the Final!

Top 20 after Round 2:

University of Bristol 23
Kings College London 21
Queen Mary, University of London 20
UCL 19
University of York 18
University of Sussex 15
University of Kent 14
University of Warwick 13
University of Oxford 12
Durham University 12
University of Nottingham 11
University of East Anglia 11
University of Exeter 9
University of Greenwich 9
University of Birmingham 8
University of Leicester 8
Swansea University 7
University of Sheffield 7
University of Cambridge 7