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Are you underrepresented in law?

Aspiring Solicitors is committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession.  Since the launch of this website aspiring solicitors from across the UK have asked the same question on numerous occasions- “do I fall into an underrepresented group?

Aspiring Solicitors believes that there are a whole range of “underrepresented” groups currently working in the legal profession at various levels.  These include, but are not limited to aspiring solicitors who:

–       are black

–       are ethnic minority

–       are you LGBT+

–       are disabled/have a long term health condition

–       are state school comprehensive educated

–       are non-Russell Group graduates

–       have an accent (e.g. regional)

–       are from low income families

–       are first generation graduates

–       are mature entrants to the profession

Aspiring Solicitors targets underrepresented aspiring solicitors but still encourages aspiring solicitors from represented groups to visit this website.  This is because Aspiring Solicitors believes it is important to educate and inform all aspiring solicitors about the importance of diversity in the legal profession.