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Outstanding Academic Performance Award 2013/2014

Aspiring Solicitors was delighted to learn that so many of our members obtained top grades at university this year.  We are constantly impressed by the quality and commitment of our members and are confident that there are hundreds of amazing future lawyers in our membership.

The following Aspiring Solicitors members stood out from the crowd and consequently have been awarded the “Aspiring Solicitors Outstanding Academic Performance Award 2013/2014”.

Law students

  • Polde Petek (University of Sussex)- 1st class module grades in all subjects 2014;
  • Tasneem Sadiq (University of Essex)- 7 1st class module grades 2013/2014;
  • Miles Harmsworth, second year law (University of Lancaster)- 4 1st class module grades 20014; and
  • Kishan Mathyvathanan (Manchester Metropolitan University)- 4 1st class module grades 2014.

Non law student

  • Lauren Howes (University of Newcastle, First Class Degree in Geography)- 4 1st class grades 2014.

Congratulations to you all!

Your academic performance is exemplary.  Aspiring Solicitors looks forward to assisting you to secure the training contract that your commitment deserves (Polde we know you already have secured one so well done again)!  Lauren, Kishan, Miles and Tasneem your  CV’s will be circulated to our Founder and Affiliate members and we will also be inviting all of you to a range of exclusive Aspiring Solicitors events/dinners and legal networking opportunities this year.  More details to follow soon.