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Top 3 Unis For Aspiring Solicitors Registered Members 2016/17…


The Aspiring Solicitors hoodies we will be distributing to Student Ambassadors and Reps!

Aspiring Solicitors has continued to grow across the UK at significant pace!  We are amazed at how quickly membership has grown, in particular at the Queen Mary University London, University of Bristol and Kings College London who make up the top three universities with the most registered members.

To say thanks, we are sending new Aspiring Solicitors hoodies to our Student Ambassadors and Representatives at these universities (limited in numbers we’re afraid).

Please see below the top ten most registered members!

1Queen Mary University of London
2University of Bristol
3King’s College London
4University of Manchester
5Swansea University
6University of Birmingham
7University of Exeter
8University of East Anglia
9University College London
10Northumbria University