Samira Fernandes

Future Trainee Solicitor - Magic Circle Law Firm

Aspiring Solicitors is a unique and invaluable resource for making contacts and developing your knowledge of the legal industry. The organisation enabled me to enhance my commerciality and importantly, develop confidence in my ability to secure a training contract with a magic circle firm. I urge everyone to make the most of the AS network, because it could make the difference between whether or not you secure a training contract.

Two main aspects of AS stand out to me. Firstly, the quality of AS events allow attendees to gain exposure to what they might face in interviews. The events introduce you to a variety of law firms, allow you to practise case study exercises and educate you on the current issues facing the legal industry. Secondly, Chris, Gemma and the whole AS team are incredibly generous with their time, have a lot of expertise and will you to succeed by providing honest advice. I would therefore highly recommend the Ask Us slots.

Breaking into the legal industry can be very challenging, but with hard work, determination and the proactive use of Aspiring Solicitors, it is more than achievable.