Katharine Scott

Future Trainee Solicitor – Magic Circle Law Firm

Being part of Aspiring Solicitors was a great help to me in securing my vacation schemes. I attended many of the AS events at the different firms which proved to be a great opportunity to network and was a useful discussion point on why I chose to apply to the firm.

Secondly, attending these events helped me narrow down the size and type of firm I was looking for. I would recommend attending as many of these events as possible as it is a good way to show firms you’re taking initiative and have put a lot of time and thought into your applications.

Another AS service I think is particularly valuable is the option to do a practice interview as it is the best place to receive honest, targeted advice as these experts know exactly what the firms are looking for. Also achieving any award from AS or winning a competition helped me stand out in the application and interview process.

Nowadays it is so difficult to find any legal work experience and I found being part of AS is a great way to get to know the firms and network with their lawyers. This demonstrates to firms that you are taking your own initiative to pursue your legal career. I am very grateful for all the help they have given me.