Georgina Suttie

“I come from a low-income background and struggled financially through both sixth form and university. This meant I didn’t always have the same opportunities as other students who didn’t have to work while studying, or who were able to take unpaid internships that helped them get vac schemes and training contracts. I was passionate about becoming a lawyer, but I worried that I wouldn’t have the right background or experience to even get close to a training contract.

Aspiring Solicitors was my lifeline. I received encouragement, support and invaluable advice on how to pursue a career in law. I attended workshops, interview practice and vac scheme sessions that put me on an even footing with other students. I absolutely believe this helped me to get my training contract with HFW and I’m extremely grateful for all the help I received. It is only through organisations like AS that students from less typical backgrounds will get the same chances as those from more privileged backgrounds – and when that happens, we will finally see true diversity in the industry.”

Georgina Suttie- Future Trainee Solicitor at HFW


“We are committed to improving social mobility and in 2017 and 2018 we were listed in the UK Top 50 Social Mobility Employer Index. To increase access to our trainee programme for those from lower income backgrounds, we have introduced in London a contextual recruitment system and our partnership with Aspiring Solicitors and our involvement in the City Solicitors Horizons social mobility programme ensures we engage with people from less advantaged backgrounds. The percentage of our London trainees who are first generation to go to university has increased from 10% in 2015 to 26% in 2019. While we are proud of our progress, we acknowledge we have much more work to do and are committed to continuing to improve.”.

Sarah Burson, Graduate Recruitment Manager at HFW