Elspeth Hunt

Future Trainee Solicitor - Stephenson Harwood

Aspiring Solicitors helped me secure my vacation scheme and training contract in two main ways. Firstly, AS provided me with amazing legal work experience through an in-house legal placement at Laing O’Rourke, and also through the Barclays Legal Experience Week. Both of these opportunities significantly bolstered my applications, and gave me much needed corporate legal experience whilst simultaneously increasing my commercial awareness. AS also helped me secure my vacation scheme and training contract through the Ask Us slots. Gemma checked my applications, and provided me with much needed advice before my vacation scheme interview. Once I secured my vacation scheme, she also helped prepare me for the vacation scheme itself, with advice on how to excel through the placement as well at final interview.

I would tell members to fully utilise AS, it is an invaluable service that may truly make the difference between them securing a training contract or not. I wrote a list of advice as it seemed the best way to order it!

Apply for every opportunity that interests you on the newsletter.

Make the most of the ambassadors to ask questions about firms that you are interested in, and to ask any questions about their routes into law.

Utilise the AS team’s combined knowledge by using the Ask Us section, especially when it comes to application season.

Get your applications checked, the AS team offer insightful and detailed feedback.
Apply for the competitions, they are an amazing opportunity to develop your legal knowledge and commercial awareness.

I would recommend AS in a heartbeat. Without AS I honestly believe that I would not have secured my training contract. The team supported me throughout my journey, providing me with invaluable advice and support that I otherwise would have never had access too. For any hopeful solicitor, AS is an essential tool to your pathway into law, as the team collectively have a huge pool of knowledge and experience about the legal industry that will help to improve your applications, refine your interview technique, and fill you with the confidence and self-belief to pursue the legal career of your dreams.