“After having attended state schools for both GSCE and A-Level examinations, I graduated in Law from Oxford Brookes University in 2018. I am currently a future trainee solicitor at Mayer Brown.

As not only a first-generation lawyer, but the first generation of my family to attend university, Aspiring Solicitors was the organisation that provided the opportunities and expertise that I needed to ensure I made the most out of my abilities. As, like many other students, I was not fortunate enough to have guidance from legal practitioners within my family or contacts, when I joined Aspiring Solicitors in 2016, it became the keystone to my later successes.

From 2016 onwards, I attended numerous open days with Aspiring Solicitors. I began to build an understanding of what recruiters were looking for, and what I wanted in a law firm. Additionally, attending networking events with Aspiring Solicitors helped me form a group of legal professionals around me who were able to offer advice and guidance. Alongside this, I started to strengthen my commercial knowledge, and was a finalist of Aspiring Solicitors’ Commercial Awareness Competition 2019. Although I did not win the competition, many of my contacts that led to my training contract at Mayer Brown were developed through the CAC. It is quite clear, given the above, that Aspiring Solicitors has been instrumental to my success in acquiring a training contract.”