Ahmed Razzaq

Future Trainee Solicitor – Reed Smith

I would wholeheartedly recommend you get involved with Aspiring Solicitors (AS). I not only received access to law firms who opened their doors on AS specific open days, but also gained hugely from the training opportunities and technical events AS hold. Thanks to Gemma’s bespoke advice following several mock interviews and CV workshops, and the commercial and presentation advice I received from Jeniz and Chris respectively at the Law Extra and Springboard events, I felt that when it came to the real thing during actual assessment centres I was able to put what I knew I could do into motion and enjoy a much more relaxed assessment process having done the hard work in practice with AS.

In my case, the results speak for themselves. I am in the fortunate position this year of having been offered a training contract and being able to withdraw from scheduled interviews and Vac Schemes compared to this time a year ago where I finished the assessment cycle having gained valuable experience from a summer scheme and interviews but ultimately without an offer. Comparing my applications between the two years, it is night and day given the impact AS have had on not only the form of my applications but also the content – the access AS were able to secure for me at law firms and with the trainees and solicitors at those firms often formed the crux of my responses on paper and in interviews. You likely already have many of the skills, knowledge, and potential required to be a successful applicant, trainee, and later lawyer; but maybe just need help learning to play the legal applications game. I can think of no better facilitator for getting you over the line than Aspiring Solicitors and would recommend that if nothing else you get in touch and try an event in order for you to make your own mind up. Who knows, you may very well be writing your own testimonial trying to pass on a helping hand to others in your position in the not too distant future.