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S+W Together

At Shepherd and Wedderburn we recognise our people are key to the firm’s continuing success and growth. We strive to ensure that we provide an inclusive culture for all employees and we are committed to the principles of promoting equality as well as recognising and valuing diversity within our workforce. That is why in December 2016 we launched S+W Together – the umbrella name encompassing all of our Diversity and Inclusion network groups – at that time – LGBTIA, Disability / Healthy Working Lives and Gender.

This year we have established an additional two network groups – Race & Faith and Social Mobility. The race and faith focus group was formed in March 2017 and has 9 members. The first meeting of the group was held May 2017. The aim of the group at this stage is to promote the group within the organisation, establish external contacts and build relationships with contacts in our local area and to attend relevant events as and when possible. We have arranged for an external speaker from the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion to come in to our office in September 2017 to provide guidance and training in ensuring an effective action plan is developed in the Race and Faith space.

The social mobility focus group was formed last month – June 2017 and has 28 members. The first meeting of the group was held in July 2017 and the group is currently forming its aims and objectives.  As these are newly formed network groups the members will be working with our more established network groups to establish cross network opportunities.

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