All Star Awards 2018 – Nnenna Ezeike

Nnenna Ezeike, N Ezeike

AS All Star Winner Nnenna Ezeike with Chris White

I am deeply grateful to Chris White, Gemma Baker, Harri Davies, Jonathan Patel and the entire team at Aspiring Solicitors for the incredible – often unseen – work they do, day in, day out, to help break down the barriers to diversity in our profession.

I was absolutely delighted to receive this All Star Award.  It was particularly special to have my beautiful mum there to witness it.  I will always be grateful to her and my late, irreplaceable dad, for the sacrifices they made which made it possible for me to qualify as a lawyer.

It is a privilege to have worked with Aspiring Solicitors in a number of capacities since 2014; and an honour to have met and mentored many aspiring lawyers from diverse backgrounds over the years.  Seeing them flourish and then give back to other Aspiring Solicitors members after achieving their own goals has been truly special.

My colleagues and I are also excited to partner with Aspiring Solicitors on the recently established BGC Partners & Cantor Fitzgerald Experience Law Initiative (ELI) ( offering paid legal work experience placements to qualifying candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

Speaking up about inequality comes with its challenges and I could not have achieved this award without the support of my husband and daughters.  I share it with them.

Nnenna Ezeike, Senior Employment Counsel, BGC Partners