All Star Award- Barclays

The Barclays Legal team was delighted to receive the All Star Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Award.  Here at Barclays Legal, we share the passion and commitment of the AS team to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Since first partnering with AS, as founder member, we have been able to offer opportunities to hundreds of AS members ranging from joining us on the Barclays Legal Experience Weeks, to afternoon teas with senior legal business leaders, to hosting the finals of the Commercial Awareness Competition.  Members of the Barclays Legal team also act as both formal and informal mentors to AS members.

We are proud to have accompanied AS on its journey over the last four years, with every successful vacation scheme and training contract achieved acting as an inspiration – to continue to grow, and to continue our work to convince everyone in the legal industry of the depth of talent available to the legal profession outside of its traditional recruiting grounds.  We look forward to the next successes.