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Have You Secured An Interview?

The next 3 weeks of Ask Chris slots will be dedicated to students who have secured interviews to help our members prepare as best you can to secure your dream jobs! With years of experience in interviews, Chris is confident he can assist your preparation to ensure you perform to the best of your ability.

If you have secured an interview for a vacation scheme or training contract, please click HERE¬†(or email, subject heading “Interview Preparation With Chris”) to arrange your slot with Chris and:

  • confirm your interview date;
  • confirm your Aspiring Solicitors Username;
  • confirm your availability over the next week (including days/times between 8am-10pm);
  • confirm the firm your interview is with; and
  • attach your CV or application form.

I look forward to assisting you prepare to secure the role!  Slots will be offered on a rolling basis so please register your interest ASAP!