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Searching the news: Commercial Awareness Competition 2017/18 Round 2 Advice

Round 1 of the Aspiring Solicitors Commercial Awareness Competition is well underway!  We have already had some fantastic answers to our Round 1 questions, with many more teams due to take their Round 1 calls until 3 November.

Round 1 participants will be informed as to whether or not they have progressed in the coming weeks. However, as an interim piece of advice, LexisNexis (Founder Member of Aspiring Solicitors and Research Partner of the Competition) has set out a useful way of searching the news on LexisLibrary.

Please note, this advice will not create an unfair advantage on entrants who are yet to have their Round 1 call or who have already had it, but will be very useful for all teams who progress to Round 2 (should your team progress)!

Searching news