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Passing the New York Bar exam was the plan, it was only a matter of time

Amanda Lee always planned to pass the New York Bar Exam and with BARBRI, nothing would stop her – not even a broken watch during the bar exam – as she achieved U.S. qualification.

MY NAME IS AMANDA LEE and, since I can remember, I always wanted to be a lawyer able to practice New York law in the United States. Sitting the New York Bar Exam was always part of my plan, it was just a matter of time. Today, I am successfully dual-qualified as a New York attorney – U.S. qualified with the help of BARBRI – and a Solicitor Advocate at Seymours, a commercial law practice in the City of London.

Perhaps inspired by my U.S. qualification goal, my legal career has always had a global dimension: practising international commercial arbitration and litigation, with a particular interest in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Having a specific long-term plan required diligent steps along the way. I began researching bar review options while at university and when the time came to prepare for the New York Bar Exam it was clear that BARBRI was the logical choice. I enrolled on the BARBRI International Bar Preparation course in 2011 and studied while practicing full-time as a Solicitor.

SIMPLY STATED, BARBRI PROVIDES THE BLUEPRINT FOR HOW TO PASS A U.S. BAR EXAM. The program is carefully constructed to teach you and guide you through what it takes to prepare and provide you with the right skills to pass. The BARBRI lectures delivered an expert overview of the tested bar topics and the scope of study materials equipped me with solid techniques to perform with proficiency on the multiple-choice (MBE) question portion of the exam.

In describing BARBRI International Bar Preparation, I choose the words “highly effective” – if you commit to doing the work and apply the techniques you will pass the bar exam. It’s an exercise in endurance, time management and information retention due to the sheer volume of material involved. The BARBRI course prepared me well to overcome any unforeseen challenges (such as my watch stopping on the morning of the exam) and get through the exam successfully.

To anyone with the goal of passing a U.S. bar exam and becoming U.S. qualified – go with BARBRI, make the time, do the work, apply the techniques and you’ll be in the best position to pass.

About BARBRI International:

If you are interested in expanding your career options globally, you may be eligible to sit for a U.S. Bar Exam and become a U.S. attorney. In today’s increasingly globalized world, demand continues to grow for those who understand the workings and complexities of the law of more than one jurisdiction.

BARBRI International will prepare you to pass the U.S. Bar Exam and provide flexible and supported learning, tailored to non-U.S. educated law graduates. BARBRI is a leader in legal education and the #1 bar exam preparation program for 50 years. 

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