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Nominate An Aspiring Solicitor Of The Month- July

Since January, Aspiring Solicitors has named 17 students from 15 different universities Aspiring Solicitors Of The Month.  These students have been awarded recognition through nominations from teaching staff, students or Aspiring Solicitors Ambassadors and Representatives.

To be considered for the monthly award, a student must have solid academic grades, have shown a strong commitment to pursue a legal career and also show commitment to increase diversity in the legal profession/generally.

The CVs for all monthly winners are forwarded to the Founder and Affiliate members of Aspiring Solicitors.  We are delighted to  note that many firms have already contacted/requested that these students attend various events/legal opportunities.

If you would like to nominate someone for this award for June, please send your nominations to us by clicking here.  Please state (i) their name (ii) their university (iii) their email address and (iv) why you are nominating them.  We will then contact each nominated student to request their CV and notify them of their nomination.